📈 NQ futures technical analysis: Riding the bullish wave… Do not short yet

Unveiling the Bullish Sentiments in NQ Futures Market

In our latest analysis video 🎥, we take a deep dive into the NQ futures, offering a comprehensive assessment of its current and future directions. Join our expert analyst, Itai Levitan, as he showcases a bullish stance on the NQ, underpinned by key technical indicators

🔥 Bullish Momentum: A Closer Look

Bullish Patterns Signal Continued Strength

Our analysis identifies a clear breakout from a bull flag pattern, signaling robust bullish momentum in the NQ market. This classic pattern, marked by a swift upward movement followed by a period of consolidation, is a precursor to further uptrend possibilities. The analyst also observes formidable ‘line in the sand’ at the 17,500 level, an important juncture and if NQ prints 2 consecutive daily candles below it, then the bullish case is over.

💹 Potential for Record Highs in NQ Futures

Analyzing the Possibility of Surpassing Previous Peaks

With these technical indicators in mind, there’s a palpable sense that the NQ could scale new heights, potentially touching the 18,000 mark, an even surpassing it a little. Once and if that 18k is reached, and especially around 18070 to 18250, that is an area where a word of caution for traders is needed: avoid hasty short positions and approach the market with a strategic mindset.

📊 Market Movers: Earnings Reports on the Radar

Earnings Season Impact on NQ’s Journey

Significant upcoming earnings reports are on the horizon, poised to influence the NQ’s trajectory significantly. As GOOG and MSFT report toight, gear up to release their financial results, expect some turbulence in market responses, which could shape the NQ’s path ahead. My bias is still mildly positive for these earnings.

🧐 Overall Outlook: Optimism Tempered with Vigilance

Navigating the NQ Futures with a Balanced Approach

The bullish outlook on the NQ is interspersed with advice for caution, especially around and slightly beyond the critical 18,000 level. Traders should stay alert to the market’s pulse in response to the earnings season and be ready to adapt their strategies to align with unfolding events.

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